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Meet the 8 year old CEO


Eight-Year-Old Boy Launches New Company To Combat Racial Tensions In The United States, Connects Young Boys With Products Representative Of Who They Are

Lil Dee, a now ten-year-old boy from Twinsburg, Ohio, is finding a new way to tackle growing racial tensions in the United States. Inspired to make a difference and drive positive social change, Lil Dee has created his own company, Our Brown Boy Joy, to help a new generation of brown boys across the country.


A growing company and brand, Our Brown Boy Joy is on a mission to motivate and inspire by letting every young brown boy know just how special they are. To accomplish this important mission, Our Brown Boy Joy will be marketing products that empower young brown boys directly to them via a subscription box service that sends bi-monthly items. Each item will be carefully sourced to ensure it reinforces strong social messages that brown boys are special, powerful, and smart in all walks of life.

As part of the Our Brown Boy Joy brand and subscription box service model, Lil Dee has also created a unique character line titled, “His Friend,” featuring a brown boy who speaks positive affirmations such as, “Brown Boy you are smart!” Going above and beyond in its efforts to motivate and inspire brown boys across the country, Our Brown Boy Joy embraces positive messaging at every point. 


“I want brown boys to be proud of who they are,” remarked Lil Dee when asked about his inspiration for starting Our Brown Boy Joy. “I want brown boys everywhere to know just how special they are. My subscription boxes and character line will allow boys to have items that directly represent them. I know when I go into the store, nothing looks like me or represents me – this is a problem.”


Every day, young boys seek out items that represent them. But for many, including young brown boys, finding and connecting with such items can be difficult, if not impossible. On a path to change this painful experience for so many around the country, Lil Dee and Our Brown Boy Joy are now connecting young brown boys with new products that trigger a connection, boost self-esteem, and create an environment where they feel loved, appreciated, and at home.

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